Wraithspyder getting "Gang Raped by Russians!"
UKKorby 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Apr 2017
Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway
It's a quiet Sunday afternoon and our resident Wraithspyder aka Dale and platoon member of Dogs of War decided he wanted to let off some steam by having a well deserved bash on good old Battlefield 4, having chosen to arm himself with M2 Slams and M15 Anti-Tank mines he spawned in a chopper hoping to lay some well thought of boobie traps for his unexpecting victims around Echo on Golmud Railway, pretty bog standard stuff...or so it seemed.

Due to the vocals of a highly stressed Wraithspyder, he's put a soundtrack over the top of his video, although if you listen carefully (with headphones) you might be able to get jist of what he was bellowing lmao!


2nd Apr 2017 Dale
Hahahahahahaha Nice One,
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