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Good Afternoon,

The 'Dogs of War' mission is to enlist new and experienced battlefield soldiers, whom are 18 years old and above of any rank or class and from the home nations of the United Kingdom, a working microphone is much preferred although not essential.

Teamwork is important; our platoon members understand this so any potential members must be willing to have a team mentality and support one another for the greater good by offering fellow squad/team members ammunition, med-kits, repairing vehicles, spotting enemy locations, following squad orders and including using a variety tactics to flush out the enemy from key areas of the map as to gain an advantage.

Moving on, we love to win and no doubt you do too! Although the tables can quickly turn against us and hailing a decent victory is not always possible so having a good sense of humour and having a laugh aka taking the piss in-game is most certainly a requirement! I mean...c'mon we can't be serious all the time right?

Advantages of being part of the Dogs of War Platoon.

Not only do you get to listen to our banter (and occasionally bad jokes) from time to time, the Dogs of War platoon offers both potential members and regular players the use of our very own server! which is used for normal game play including in-house training for platoon members should you wish to attend.

It's worth mentioning too that Dogs of War platoon members become server administrators, why? well the answer is represent us in-game and are no doubt a key component of our platoon's achievements, therefore it's our way of thanking you for your hard-work and continued support on the battlefield thus ensuring no man is left behind!

As one can assume this privilege however is only granted to you once we feel you can be trusted with the responsibility, this is to ensure the Dogs of War server runs smoothly for the benefit of everybody who wants to play on our server.

So finally, if your Scottish, Irish, English or Welsh and don't want to miss out being part of our platoon then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the link below so we can get the ball rolling.

Happy Gaming!

 [] http://battlelog.battlefi ... 5304454734390881475/
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