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1. Balance your squad

Most maps in Battlefield 4 allows for vehicles, long-range sniping, and close-quarters combat (at least in larger-scale modes like Conquest, Obliteration and Rush). This means you need at least 3 of the 4 classes to really dominate each game effectively. As it’s the least specialised, you can afford to ditch the Assault class, but then you’re giving up vital healing and revives for your team mates, abilities that are most useful on smaller modes like Domination and Defuse. Get yourself a Support soldier, and you’re golden: few people drop ammo kits although not everybody is greedy so don't be afraid to ask!

2. Take out tanks in pairs
Blowing up a tank or heavily armoured vehicle requires four RPGs or equivalent. The average number of rockets that you can fire at a tank, before it blows you into tiny pieces of man meat, is roughly two. Mathematically speaking, the guys in the tank will usually win each encounter… unless you double up on vehicles with another Engineer. Not only can you eliminate vehicles twice as quickly, reducing the chances of you getting killed in the process, but you also confuse the driver and/or gunner by giving them two targets to watch at once. Taking out vehicles is essential in bigger team modes, so this tactic can change the course of a battle. I would also like to point out that acquiring laser guided hits on tanks or other heavily armoured vehicles gives extra damage!

3. Try not to drive alone, especially not tanks
Don’t be that guy or girl who spawns into a tank at the start of the game, drives off to capture the nearest Conquest point and then abandon the tank to snipe from a bush. Why? Well for one the enemy can jump in your abandoned tank and use it against your team. If you’re taking a vehicle be sure to wait for other players. More soldiers that you get into the hotly contested Conquest points from the start the better! Strength in numbers! Once you’ve grabbed central Conquest points, it’s easier to keep the enemy team from advancing forward. The best way to take hotly contested points? Show up, in force, in a vehicle...don't forget your repair tool!

4. For the love of God! Spot the enemy
I spot enemies, others are spotting the enemy so why aren't you? only a tiny percentage of team mates use this highly useful ability! Spotting has now been assigned to R1 or RB on console, so it’s easier to do on the move. You get 25 points for every kill that you spotted (50 if your squad mate kills them). It’s free points, it helps your team locate those pesky snipers or chap with a over powered P90 lurking behind a wall! Keep in mind, though, that if an enemy commander is using an EMP drone, you won’t be able to spot enemies in the area, although keep spotting and your team will certainly take control of the battlefield.

5. Don't be afraid to use map-specific weapons
To be honest keep an eye on your map wherever possible, try getting into the habit of glancing at your map every few moments so it gives you a clearer indication of what's around you. An important point to remember is whenever you see a gun symbol on your mini-map, you can grab a map-specific weapon, all of which are more powerful than anything in the standard kit. The .50 cal sniper at the top of the radar tower on Paracel Storm, for example, takes out enemies with one shot regardless of where you strike them. Plus, if you’ve grabbed it, you’re already in the best part of the map to use it, however don't stay up that tower too long otherwise you'll be a easy target! Other map-specific weapons include powerful grenade launchers, automatic shotguns, and beefy heavy MGs. Use them!

6. Use vehicles in Obliteration
What’s the quickest way to get the bomb to the bomb-site in Obliteration? By jeep, by boat, by helicopter: just not on foot. The best way to win Obliteration is to team up with a decent Engineer who can fly choppers and drive boats. Not only can they get you to the site far more quickly but they can also cover you in the vehicle you both arrived in while the bomb is getting planted. Win, win. Other smart tips for Obliteration? Use interior locations to traverse the map, go ahead and confuse pursuers searching for you on radar and break line of sight to recover health if you’re under fire!

7. Be the perfect Assault class
Ok, so everyone’s preferences are different. Here are some of the set-ups I like to use playing as Assault. For starters, I’d go with the M16A4 assault rifle, magnified scope for ranged damage, and grips to increase stability at long range, rather than hip-firing. M1911 as secondary. Kit? I prefer to go full combat- medic then set yourself up with Defibs and the largest Health Pack you can muster, should you just want to get stuck in, the M320 with HE rounds is a good option for getting rid of any lurking enemy's behind cover. Flashbang rounds can prove useful as they blind enemies before assaulting fortified areas. The choice is yours! Oh and one more tip before I move on, it's somewhat amusing to take our your enemy with the defibrillators xD

8. The Perfect Engineer class
Engineer is my class of choice. I usually go for a PDW such as the P90 with either a coyote or kobra sight, Repair tool is essential as it can be used to repair friendly vehicles, gun/rocket placements, it's a cheeky offensive weapon too as you can use the repair tool on enemy vehicles, although it takes quite along time and will most likely kill yourself in the initial blast! I also pack the RPG alongside it or a laser guided equivalent! Anti-tank field upgrade can prove quite useful too as you get the ability to deploy extra M15/M2 mines.

9. The perfect Support class
People under-value the Support class, so if you create a successful one, you’ll become a treasured asset. The M240B is one of the meatiest HMGs, so if you’re going for power, grab that and stabilise it as much as possible with bipods and grips. Want to be a little more nible? The QBB-95-1 offers a little more accuracy, but at the expense of power. Always equip the largest ammo packs as kit and I highly recommend either Claymores for stairs or C4 as secondary kit, in case you run into armour. Carrying Ammo also gives you the ability to replenish not only your bullets but also C4, Claymores and more. See a passing tank or quad bike? chuck a ammo box on the vehicle and get extra points for resupplying others!

Stay alive, soldier
Given that Battlefield 4 is such a hugely popular multiplayer game, with countless weapon options you really should find the tactics that work for you, Use the above tips as a starting point and get stuck in. Doubtless, hardcore players will find ingenious strategies over the coming months. If you notice them, why not share them in the comments.

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